Winter Landscape Photography Snowdonia Wales Last tirp in the 2014

Winter Landscape Photography Snowdonia Wales


Beautiful winter morning ,cold and frosty on the place at 6.30 am always before the sun …

Snowdonia is a magnificent place. It has beautiful scenery filled with magical landscapes. Everything about it leaves you in awe, its morning light, sunrise, and fresh water, color of sand, reflections etc. The spectacular scenery will make you desperate for travelling there for holidays and Winter Landscape Photography Snowdonia Wales .

Whether you want the challenge of ascending Snowdonia, the highest mountain in England and Wales, or prefer one of the leisurely walks along the coastline, you’re guaranteed breathtaking scenery and diverse landscapes. It has varied terrain from rugged mountain peaks, long sandy beaches to crystal clear lakes and rivers.

Nature in all its glory offers the perfect chance to see the country at its finest. From snow clad mountains to its fresh greenery, from color of sand to reflections in the lake, from superb sunset to shallow streams, everything will catch your attention. It sounds like a cliché, but you really could be sailing in the morning and climbing a mountain in the afternoon.Its hills are ideal for gentle walks with morning misty fogs making you feel like you are dreaming about it. The place boasts hundreds and thousands of scenery every one of it with a spectacular landscape. It has its own unique character, diverse scenery and rich geography. Nature lovers, hill climbers, holidaymakers, day-trippers, mountain adventurer and photographers will definitely be proud of their visit to every bit of the place.

Winter Landscape Photography Snowdonia Wales

Capturing the shadows and reflections is enjoyed a lot. You get to experience new feelings for photography. This place seems to be illuminated in varying shades of blues, greens and orange. Every view is full of glory and diversity. The fantastic variety of shades of green will want you to take countless shots without any pause. As the sun rises above its waters, it appears to be enlightened with illumination from the surrounding mountains. I was really impressed by the hues of water and ice in my photographs as they switched in seconds and I was lucky enough to experience them myself. The small islands, boats, lakes, grassy patches and a lot more are so dominating that you cannot tear your eyes away from it. You would want to capture every change, every breeze, every light, every shadow, every reflection and every hill top. Without any doubt every view is picturesque.

The national park of Snowdonia has one of the most beautiful and spectacular scenery in British Isles. It has its own stunning scenery, fascinating colors and a variety of places forshots. Remember to bring you binoculars for this astonishing place. It’s an ideal destination for family trip. The charming area offers excellent boating experience and other sports activities.

Travelling on Sowdonia railways you will experience the surrounding countryside boasting dramatic landscape and scenery.
This unique railway is one of the most popular visitor attractions in North Wales.
As the train climbs through the atmospheric landscape, passengers can absorb themselves in the rich myth, legend and history Snowdonia has to offer. It is a true majestic mountain top adventure.

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