Winner – Digital Photographer of the year 2014 in landscape category

                                                      Welcome to the website of photographer Tomasz Janicki. Every face has its own story to tell and every picture, a thousand tales to remind us of.


Whether it is a family photo of your toddler or with your spouse, photographs always remind us of someone or something special.

If the pictures are beautiful, it just makes the memories a whole lot sweeter.

I love to document family photos, sharing the joys of families as they click pictures.

As a photographer, I love taking pictures of landscapes too and you can find some amazing clicks

of mine on the Landscape page, encompassing destinations from Wales to Scotland.

Yet, my love for people makes me find myself often at weddings, helping couples enjoy their big day and relive those precious memories.

I personally believe that choosing a wedding photographer is perhaps one of the most difficult jobs too.
Think about it. When it comes to a wedding, every bride or groom will have plenty to think about, from finding the right venue to looking after the catering.

Ultimately, when it comes to the big day, it doesn’t matter whether you’re walking down the aisle or going for the saat phere – you’re bound to be nervous on your big day.
And you need someone to capture those precious moments perfectly.

As a photographer, I am well aware that weddings differ according to culture, religion, and tradition – and yet, in midst of all the differences, there is constancy. The constancy is of real emotions and moments that you can relive years down the line. With your wedding, you need someone to tell the story you lived. I help you document the emotions and events, as they happen. I create emotional and personal stories that tell the tale – it’s easy to tell the story to the others later with wonderfully detailed photographs.

If you’re holding a wedding, christening or any other special event which is important for you in and around Worcestershire, England or Wales, don’t forget to give me a call.

While wedding photography is my forte, I can help you with your photography skills too. If you’re a photo enthusiast, you can contact me for a photo workshop, and learn the wonders these little lenses can do with the right hands.

I offer wedding photography services throughout Worcester, Birmingham, Cheltenham, Hereford, West Midlands and Worcestershire for weddings of all styles and themes from traditional and classic to contemporary and vintage.

Weather Photographer of the Year 2016

Wales landscape photography

Spectacular landscape photographs capture Earth in all its beauty in 3 place!

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Landscape photography prints for sale from Award-winning photographer

Landscape photography prints for sale from Award-winning photographer