Landscape Photography Workshops F.A.Q

People contacting me about photography workshops usually ask me the same questions. To make it easier to everybody I have brought together questions which, I`ve been asked mostly.

Landscape Photography Workshops F.A.Q I need more info about the Snowdownia workshop ?

Mine first priority is to simply help you, to create your own Composition with as little of my influence as possible. It must be your photo ????
I’d like to help you set the right white balance, exposure time, iso ,aperture the shutter etc.
I will show you when, where and how to use a Lee filters; the ND Grad filters to properly illuminate the Exposition;
the lee big and little stopper to get more dynamic, dramatic andcreative shoots . If you do not have own filters I will supply a comprehensive set of
Lee filters is available for use on the day .
With my experience I would like to help you to choose the best time and place of Snowdonia for this day to be really interesting and fully exploit this
spectacular countryside.

Landscape Photography Workshops F.A.Q What equipment will I need?

Camera/lenses/Spare memory card/batteries/tripod. When it comes to lens I am using two : wide angle trusted
17-35 f2.8 and professional tele zoom 70-200 f2.8 vr II for panoramic photography.
Please dress up suitable to the weather, bear in mind that warm and waterproof clothing is essential in the mountains. Suitable footwear is required.

Can you arrange trip for two or three days ?

Yes, it can be easily arranged, however I will need at least three weeks notice.

Do you do group workshops?

Group classes only up to 3 persons a day, special arrangement can be make if required.

What time do we start ?

Personally I prefer to start before sunrise, as you can catch something special like fog ,frost etc…
There is a choice thou to start from morning till lunch or from the lunch up to the sunset.

How to create the dramatic colours that appeared on the photographs?

It all depends of quality of the equipment (good lens, good quality filters, processing) and adequate light.

How to arrange a trip to Snowdonia ?

The easiest way is to arrange a meeting at a chosen place.
The time of the meeting will depend on the season of the year and would always be before sunrise.
The second option is that you can drive to my place (Worcester) and we will continue traveling together.
The third option [ if you are along the route] I can pick you up on the way.

What info do I need to provide?

Firstly, I would like to know at what stage is your photography ,
are you completely a beginner or amateur, what equipment do you use, where are you from and what are your interests in landscape photography? Technical issues as what camera do you own, filters, lens etc. I need to know exactly what diameter (always at the front of the lens) of the lens you are using to fit to your lens the lee holder.
What kind of aspect of photography would you like to master.
I would like to know what level of fitness/mobility you are because sometimes we will take a short walk on the mountains.

What do I need to know about you?

Everything you need to know I wrote here already:
But please remember I am Polish and I speak English with a strong Polish accent, which requires more attention and patience from you

What about edition and post processing?

I can also provide an exclusive, one to one session about edition and post processing of your shots, using Photoshop.
It could be done right at the place of shooting or back at my home place at extra cost of £60.

What about the payment for booking?

Snowdonia landscape photography workshops require full payment at the time of booking
If for some reasons (bad weather or any other surprise circumstances) the workshop will be cancelled, you will be offered either a complete refund or a place on a future workshop.
If you need to cancel your booking please inform me as soon as possible, email or a phone call is acceptable.
If you cancel three to two weeks before workshop start full refund warranted.
If you cancel a week before 50% refund will be offered and finally there will be no refund if cancelled three days or less prior to the workshop date.

How do I make a booking ?

To place the booking please email me at alternatively
Fill up the CONTACT ME form or
Call me directly on 07545156099
Please remember – It`s best to pick up the date three weeks before you would like to go.

Landscape Photography Workshops F.A.Q