Landscape photography workshop at Lake District.

Landscape photography workshop at the Lake District.

You can buy my favourite photos of the Lake District as prints. The Lake District is known as one of the UK’s most beautiful places for photos. I’m lucky to live here, just at the park’s edge! My collection includes famous spots like Derwentwater, Buttermere, and Wastwater. But also, you’ll see the hidden places that few people visit. I capture the bright, lively mornings with clear reflections as well as the dramatic stormy skies. In the Lake District, you’ll find awe and inspiration no matter the weather.

October in the Lake District, always surprises me with the amazing colours and incredible light and shadows, giving a beautiful shape to the mountains. All pictures were taken during a two days one to one  Autumn landscape photography workshop in the Lake District. From well-known popular locations like the Cat Bells, Buttermere Lake with the Lone Tree and the Wastwater Lake.

Key Takeaways

  • The Lake District is a renowned hotspot for landscape photography in the UK.
  • High-quality photographic prints of the Lake District’s stunning landscapes are available for purchase.
  • Prints are offered in various sizes and formats, including framed, canvas, mounted, and unframed.
  • Prices for the prints range from £79 to £149.
  • The collection features iconic locations such as Derwentwater, Scafell Pike, Aira Force, and Ullswater.

Join My Landscape Photography Workshop in the Stunning Lake District

Hello! I’m Tom, an award-winning landscape photographer. I came first place in the Landscape Category in the Digital Photographer of the Year 2014 Award UK Landscape Photographer Of The Year contest.

Immerse Yourself in Nature’s Wonders

The Lake District is famous for its beauty. Places like Derwentwater, Scafell Pike, and Ullswater are stunning. Photographers use tricks like long exposures and capturing sunsets. These techniques show the area’s calm lakes, green hills, tall mountains, and the drama of its skies. You can take photos all year round here, and every shot is a chance to capture something amazing.

Learn from a Multi Award-Winning Professional Photographer

My workshops aim to improve your photography. I’ll teach you advanced skills. Many past students have seen big improvements in how they take and edit photos. Everyone who took my workshop said it was great. They also got better at photo editing after learning from me. I’m praised for being patient and very knowledgeable. Eleven people who took my course talked about my helpful teaching style.

Capture Breathtaking Scenery at Iconic Locations

Lake District photography promotes caring for nature. Artists here find new ways to show off the area’s beauty. It’s why many say it’s perfect for photography because of its peacefulness and changing weather. All my students have said they’d recommend my workshop. They also want to come again in the future to learn more.

Landscape Photography Workshop at Lake District. Photo Prints for Sale

Elevate Your Home Decor with Fine Art Nature Prints

I’m selling prints of my favourite photos from the Lake District. The Lake District is one of the UK’s most beautiful places for photos. I’m lucky to live near its border!

My collection features famous spots like Derwentwater and Buttermere. But I also show hidden gems off the beaten path. I capture everything from bright sunrises to stormy skies. The Lake District is always stunning and inspiring, no matter the weather!

Professionally Printed Using State-of-the-Art Technology

You can buy prints of places like Langdale Pikes or Ambleside in the Lake District. I offer postcard sets with classic Lake District views by Me. Choose from photos of misty Windermere mornings, in colour or sepia. ‘Windermere Sunrise’ is a favourite among customers.

From Vibrant Sunrises to Dramatic Stormy Skies

Your options include panoramas, sunsets, and local landmarks. Products feature locations like Orrest Head Summit and Windermere Jetty. Each photo has a story. For example, I share memories of the Millerground Landing boat house. There are 22 unique products to choose from. They capture the beauty of the Lake District perfectly.


The Lake District is perfect for taking photos of nature. You can see great scenery, like lakes and mountains. Even the hidden spots have something beautiful to offer. I, an award-winning photographer in the Lake District, love to teach others. I do this through photography workshops and by selling my prints.

My workshops are good for anyone, whether you’re new or a pro. You can learn how to take stunning photos of the Lake District. I make sure my groups are small so you get lots of help. I’ll share secrets to make your photos really stand out.

Come with me to take amazing photos in the Lake District. We will see many places and take photos from morning till night. We’ll capture the beauty of autumn and winter. Let’s make photos you’ll love to hang in your home. Let’s make your home beautiful with nature prints.


What types of landscape photography workshops do you offer in the Lake District?

I run landscape photography workshops in the Lake District for all levels. Both new and experienced photographers can join. They aim to capture the region’s stunning beauty.

Can I purchase fine art prints of your Lake District landscape photography?

Yes! You can buy prints of my best Lake District photos. 

What types of scenery and locations can I expect to photograph during your workshops?

My portfolio includes famous lakes and hidden gems. You’ll capture stunning landscapes in all weather, from sunny days to stormy nights.

What is your experience as a landscape photographer?

I’m an award-winning photographer known for capturing the Lake District’s beauty. My experience and love for the area show in my work.

Do you offer any other photography-related services or experiences?

Aside from workshops, I organize tours and holidays in the Lake District. They’re perfect for those wanting to enhance their photography skills.

If you would like to join the next workshops in the Lake District or Snowdonia Wales please contact me by email: at or the website form on the Workshop page.

To buy a print you can visit the Prints page 

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