Winner in category landscape Digital Photographer of the Year Awards 2014 . THE BEAUTY OF THE PLANET’S LANDSCAPES CAPTURED…

Winner in category landscape Digital Photographer of the Year Awards 2014 

Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever… it remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything.

(Aaron Siskin)

Well, truly supporting that I agree that without the power of photography how can one capture any stunning beauty which leaves you craving for more pictures of every new landscape. I have captured nature in all her dazzling and breath taking beauty. One needs to take series of images and mostly there are few seconds to capture the shot one wants e.g. of the sunset and sunrise.

No doubt that these photographs need immense effort and patience.

Landscape photography is the supreme test of the photographer – and often the supreme disappointment.

(Ansel Adams)

Well I agree once again because so much hard work is required that one should not lose hope and keep looking for ways to capture the very particular scenery and savor it intensely.

From the snow clad mountains to vivid blue seas, to crashing waves, to morning sunrise, to cheerful greenery, every picture is full of its raw and arresting beauty.

I have made sure that what I capture should catch every calm and energetic subject it has to offer in all its glory. A good snapshot is the one in which the moment is kept from running away.

Nature has a variety of moods; they alternate accordingly depicting all the brightness and darkness together in these awe-inspiring shots.

I somehow managed to display all the changing colors, be it a mountain, stream, lake or plantation. From hues of oranges to yellows and purples to blues, exact capture was truly appreciated.

A great picture is the one that is full of expressions and feelings in the deepest sense. You should feel a strong link with the specific land. Every object in the picture has a massive impact especially sun and how it brings out every color in its real form.

The greatest advantage of capturing Mother Nature is how relaxed it leaves you in the end. It goes for the photographer and its viewer both. It makes you walk through the land captured and enjoy the moment as well.

In every shot composing of light, snow, clouds, summits, slides, fog or anything, contrasting colors were highlighted against a suitable background. Warmth of the colors casted by shadows

or sun on the ground or water were explored carefully making sure that the spectacular destinations seemed real , so much that you want to see it for yourself.

These locations offer a wide range of images of the night and day sky. Moon and star calming the picture but also making it eerie at the same time. The reflections were perfectly shot as the sun or moon peeped through the clouds and lit up the sky.

Precise moments that will stir your imagination are taken that will want you to come and savor it yourself.

The unspoilt wilderness of these places makes the magic of photography even more magical!

2014 is so far the best year for my photography. Firstable one of my favorite pictures of Nash Point was awarded third place in Spectacular Landscapes competition .

I was also lucky enough with my photo to be shortlisted in the “Take a view” – Landscape Photographer of the Year UK
Awards .

A few weeks later winner in category landscape Digital Photographer of the Year Awards

Digital Photographer of the Year announced!

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