Future landscape photography pictures Snowdonia North Wales 2021

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Future landscape photography pictures Snowdonia North Wales 2021 is a choice of the most beautiful recent pictures taken this year In Snowdonia North Wales and the most glorious Welsh coastal, which will be updated every few weeks.

Twr Mawr Lighthouse Llanddwyn Island North Wales- sometimes the magic happens to me 😉

A short story about the picture 🙂

The Llanddwyn is a small tidal island off the west coast of Anglesey, northwest Wales with a small old lighthouse on the end. The island has plenty of amazing views adored by most landscape photographers, tourists, and it is one of my favourite places to go when I am in Snowdonia. The weather condition here is always challenging probably because of the close mountains surrounded by the ocean, which creates great conditions for photographers.
At first, the day I took the picture I could not find anything interesting other than grey skies with a rainy weather forecast and after 20.00 it did not look as if it would get any better.
But…I decided to wait.
From the very beginning, as soon as I got there, at the point on the horizon where the sun is setting you could see a little break in the clouds which gave me hope that the sunlight at the last moment may break through the clouds and shine beautifully (I did not even dream of a rainbow).
I waited in this place for 4 hours, constantly watching the sky on the horizon, asking myself whether this narrow gap in the clouds would remain to the end?
After lots of patience, some luck, the magic happened. There was beautiful light from the just-setting sun and an amazing rainbow over the mountains. It was like a dream!

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And more of the Welsh landscape beautiful places coming soon!

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