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Wedding photography Gallery – Check out the different ways a wedding can be photographed. From casual and intimate to extravagant and impressive, there are so many different ways to approach photographing a wedding. All wedding photography is unique to the couple involved and the type of wedding they are having.  


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When it comes to wedding photography look no further than J. Tom Photography. J. Tom Photography provides professional, personal photos to help you remember your special day forever. With everything tailored to fit your needs and the requirements of your wedding, you can rest assured this is a once in a lifetime experience that you will be able to look back on forever in your wedding photography gallery .

It can be stressful deciding who you want to photograph your wedding and often people worry whether the true essence will be captured and whether everything will work out well. At J. Tom Photography we guarantee you will be left with photographs you will look back at fondly, time and time again.

Different Wedding Photography

As every couple is different, every wedding is different and therefore the wedding photography at J. Tom Photography is tailored to your specific needs and the needs of your day. Perhaps you’re hoping for a small and intimate day with personal photographs, or maybe your wedding is going to be a big affair and large, extravagant photographs are required – whatever it is, it’s all possible. Additionally, with different couples comes different religions and beliefs. J. Tom Photography is experienced in a variety of weddings including Jewish, Asian Tamil and Christian.

 I offer wedding photography services throughout Worcester, Birmingham, Cheltenham, Hereford, West Midlands and Worcestershire for weddings of all styles and themes from traditional and classic to contemporary and vintage. No matter what is the venue and setting of your wedding, I can put my photography skills to use and make each wedding appear equally romantic, exciting and emotional in the photographs.

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